Apartment Inspiration Design from Japanese Origami Art

A wall that separates the functions of the apartments are built with style in mind and that was enough. The presence of the separation wall can be felt from the entrance to the apartment. The furniture in the apartment in accordance with the futuristic design. We recommend this site for more information on rugs online.

Despite all the benefits can be seen only from inside the apartment. In the end, the design of the apartment with all the experiments created... 

Apartment Inspiration Design from Japanese Origami Art

Luxury Interior – Roppongi Tower Atlas in Japan

January 3, 2010 Filed Under: Interior Design  

When the building will be completed, this apartment will be a great addition to luxury urban streets of Tokyo. They are usually large enough to have a very expensive decoration. Lighting system in the apartment was not simple. In addition to the lighting from the ceiling there is indirect lighting, wall brackets, floor, lighting and so on. Tokyo is one city that experienced a large growth of the presence... 

The Art of Simple Luxury Design by Olga Polizzi

January 2, 2010 Filed Under: Luxury House Design  

Beautifully appointed interior and summarize The Art of Simple Luxury. He has used a palette of rich earth tones and bright printed fabrics to reflect the character of Sicily, with a design motif tile inspired by the Sicilian classic. Bedrooms feature four-poster bed, wood, polished concrete floors and Italian art lighting, and is decorated with pottery fired locally. The bathroom is naturally lit... 

The Art of Simple Luxury Design by Olga Polizzi

Contemporary with the Cultural and Artistic Design

January 2, 2010 Filed Under: Interior Design  

This Design by Architect Simone Micheli for Arezzo Park Hotel. “The work is designed for interior architecture Claudio took me and Cinzia anticanonical messages express Alliata ethics, beauty and contemporaneity. The day I met with two brilliant businessman from Rome as to design the interior of the hotel’s facilities will be stake accommodation in Arezzo area, we get in the song as well....